Printing in Didsbury.

Year 7 pupils from Cavendish Road Primary School were introduced to the world of print, working with artist Alan Birch. Having worked with Alan at the Whitworth Art Gallery in previous years, pupils were able to look at Alans work on the intenet and prepare questions in advance.

Both classes of Year 7 pupils researched the theme of natural forms, producing drawings, cutting out shapes from wallpaper, inking and printing their colourful  plates. These prints were later displayed at school and Alan brought in some Indian woodblocks, to print for the children as well as leaving a print from from his own plates.

Quotes from the children:

Barney – I enjoyed listening and seeing Alan’s artwork.

Edie – I loved seeing your artwork as I love art and yours is really good.

Josie – I liked looked at the artwork as it was different to others I have seen.

Megan – I liked that you have inspired lots of children, including me, to do art.

Jasmine – I learnt that art means something and not just random images.

Mackenzie – The best part of the day was making the prints – it was very interesting.

Syra – The best part of the day was printing because I learnt that you can make lots of different prints.

Lucy – I loved the way Alan gets inspiration for his artwork.

Lucas – I learnt that patterned wallpaper adds really good texture to prints.

We, as teachers, would also like to say a huge thank you.  We were extremely impressed with what the children did and how efficiently the day was run.

Michelle and Michael. Year 7 teachers.

Year 7 printing workshop with Alan Birch.

Year 7 printing workshop with Alan Birch.

natural forms

Printing workshop with Alan Birch

Workshop based on natural forms

Year 7 printing workshop .
Relief printing with Alan Birch.