Alan will be resident in the Whitworth on the 5th October 12-7pm , editioning prints from the new plate created digitally from print in the collection at the Whitworth. Come along and watch the magical process and have a chat.

Freshers print.

New students enrolled at Manchester University , spent an enjoyable evening drawing and printing from the Albrecht Durer exhibition at The Whitworth. Upon completing their drawings , students returned to the garden studio to engrave and ink their prints. For many this was their first taste of printing and some excellent prints were produced. #alanbirch […]

Printing Durer.

Visit the Whitworth on Thursday to see Alan Birch print from the digitally recreated plate of Melancolia by Durer. Working from the plate created by artists Goldin +Senneby, Alan will be working from 12pm -7pm . The print-run will be for sale from the Whitworth shop during the exhibition. #alanbirch #printmaking #thewhitworth #engraving #prospect studio […]

The Objects of Durer

Year 10 students from the Albion Academy in Salford spent a creative day working with the artist Alan Birch at the Whitworth in Manchester. The students were given printing demonstrations before drawing from the Durer exhibition. As the students had started a project based on objects they sought out objects from the Durer prints , […]

Goosfest 2023

Great to be taking part in Goosfest 2023. , the Arts Festival taking place in Cheshire. Should be a great selection of work, and I am running a print workshop on Sunday. The work is on show Friday to Sunday 1st October. For more info visit       

Cheshire workshops

I will be running a printmaking taster as part of the Goosfest held in Goostrey, Cheshire . The workshop will take place on Sunday the 1st of October and will cover techniques such as drypoint, engraving , relief printing with wallpaper and mono printing. For more details contact As part of the festival there […]

New prints from Prospect.

Artists have been busy working on new prints, alongside their 20-20 prints this summer. Some excellent works have been created, involving collograph, etching, spit bite and mezzotint. Artist Stuart Brocklehurst made his annual visit to Prospect and 8 artists worked on excellent works. Artists will be submitting these for exhibition over the next few months. […]

Prints from Durer

As part of the Manchester Festival , visitors to the Whitworth were given a tour of the Albrecht Durer exhibition, followed by a drypoint taster session, led by Alan Birch. Participants produced drawings from the exhibition , and later transformed these into drypoint using a range of engraving tools on perspex. The prints were excellent […]

Reprinting Durer

I will be back printing from the brass plate, created from a print of Melancholia by Durer in the Whitworth collection on September the 14th. The plate created by artists Goldin + Senneby is currently on display in the Whitworth as part of Economics the Blockbuster . I will be in attendance from 12 to […]

Printing from Durer.

Looking forward to printing the Melancholia prints at the Whitworth for the new exhibition which opens on Friday evening 6 pm . The brass plate was created from a print from the Whitworth collection by artists Goldin+Senneby. I will be printing for four days during the exhibition . First session Saturday 8th July . Hope […]

Salford Staff print.

Tutors from the Fine Art Course at Salford University, spent a day at Prospect Studios working with printmaker Alan Birch. Painter David Hancock produced two small etchings and aquatints, painter Brendan Fletcher worked on a large sugar lift etching, ceramics artist Angela Tait worked on a couple of etchings and Jill Randall completed etchings. Alan […]

Winter prints at Prospect.

Printmakers have been busy during the winter months producing some excellent work at the studios. Etchings, sugar lifts, collographs and chine college prints have been coming off the press and hopefully they will be shown at venues around the north west. Images below are by Jill Randall, Ella Cole, Caroline Johnson, Hermione Walker, Maria Murtagh […]

Portrait prints.

year 9 pupils from St Ambrose Barlow RC High School, Swinton visited The Whitworth for a day in February visiting the collection and working with artist Alan Birch. The worked from the exhibition of portraits in the ( Un ) Defining Queer exhibition. Pupils produced drawings which were later turned into engravings in the learning […]

GCSE paintwork

Year 11 pupils from St Ambrose Barlow RC High School spent a day working with artist Alan Birch. The GCSE group extended their GCSE coursework into a variety of print techniques, using engraving and collage. For many this was their first taste of printing! Some excellent prints were produced and hopefully their efforts will be […]

Printing nature

Pupils from Crosslee Primary School in Manchester visited The Whitworth for the first time to work with printmaker Alan Birch. The Year 3 group looked at natural shapes found in the permanent collection, and from their sketches, the pupils cut out shapes from textured wallpaper. Using water based inks the pupils printed their own individual […]