Rousseau prints

Year 4 pupils from Cavendish Primary School, showcased their excellent creative powers at a printing workshop with artist Alan Birch. Pupils producing drawings from the work of Rousseau, before engraving them onto metallic card plates. Using engravers and sandpaper pupils, pupils transformed their drawings into intaglio prints. Pupils used Alan’s portable press and water-based inks to print their own works. Some of these were printed with leaves as a background created from embossed wallpaper. Both year groups really enjoyed themselves and their application was a credit to the school. As a final treat some pupils printed from actual leaves to create surface prints and create a jungle scene.

Henri rousseau printing workshop

Printing workshop with Alan Birch

Printing workshop with Alan Birch

Tiger in the Rain. Henri Rousseau

Printing workshop with Alan Birch

Rousseau printing workshop

Alan Birch printing workshop

Drawing of self portrait
with cat

Alan birch printing workshops

Cavendish primary school