Lives of the Saints . St Last Minute.

St Last Minute

Saints Day. 11th May.

Born AD 1959. Castile.

The son of Castilian royalty , St Last Minute rejected the opportunity to become King of Castile, instead following his love of football, in particular the English Premier League. Ostracised by his family he found solace in the smoky bars and clubs in northern England. He spiralled into drink and drugs during the 1970s, then experienced an epiphany . During a mass brawl outside a football stadium he saw a vision of Jesus astride a blue moon. He saw this as a potent to follow Manchester city,  and undaunted by friends jibes and protestations, moved to Manchester. He led a life of abstinence completely changing his character, and many times questioned his faith. Many times he was seen wearing a throwaway kagoul, sat in the Gene Kelly stand, soaked to the skin, preaching the blight blue word, as his faith was tested. On his wall he had the picture by Martin Schongauer of St Francis being attacked by demons, and he experienced many attacks which questioned his faith.One is legend when the mighty crazed demon from Wimbledon appeared over the festive period, putting his faith to the test. At his lowest point, his prayers were answered when from the east appeared one wise man bringing gold ( and possibly myrrh and frankincense ) . His faith was severely tested again in May 2012 but he was rewarded when St Sergio from Argentina answered his prayers. He has performed many miraculous events including Wembley 1999. Followers from around the globe often invoke the spirit of St Last Minute. He was martyred in 2014 when celebrating the second premiership title, he fell from the East Stand. HIs relics are stored in the museum of the Etihad Stadium, encased in a golden football. It is rumoured that the ghost of St Last Minute has been spotted on terraces around the world.

St Last Minute. Print in collection of Roberto Mancini

St Last Minute.
Print in collection of Roberto Mancini

Presenting print at Manchester City's training ground.

Presenting print at Manchester City’s training ground.