20 members of Prospect Studios will be showing their work at The Whitaker from the 21st of April. The exhibition will run in conjunction with the exhibition by Liam Spencer ” Home and Away. “. The period of April and May will see Prospect Studios dominating the museum and Alan Birch will give a print workshop on ┬áMay 26th. All work is for sale. For more details contact Alan via the website or the Whitaker.

Claire Groves.
Spinning Jenny.

Susan Davies
The Old Barn.

Sadie Rogerson.
Singing Ringing Tree.

Peter Cave.
Topographical Stream.

Pam Holstein.
” Haircut Sir? “

Neil Robinson.
Drystone Walls.

Lynn Kirkley.
Green green grass.

Loraine Waites.
Over the Wall.

Karen VIne.
Tea in Tod.

Jill Randall.
Valley of Stone.

Jenni Ford.
O’er Tops.

the pennines

Janine Carter.


Katie Blair.
Sheltering( Stone Wall )


Geraldine Walkington.


Chris Waites
Singing Ringing Tree.


Cate Gibson.


Caroyln Murphy.

Simon Rogerson.
Alp(enn)ine Architecture.

Kay McIntosh.
” Memories in Corbridge “


Alan Birch.
Brimham Rock.